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Soul Mates & Twin Flames – What Is The Difference?

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a clouple sitting on a car with a starry sky behind themWhen I was a teenager, which I must admit was a long time ago, the word “soulmates” is now perceived in the way “twin flames” is now. It is not just me but my friends feel the same, so twin flames have grown as a modern-day slang term that has captured the imagination of the younger generation.

A soulmate is a phrase used nowadays for karmic relationships which are on a romantic level and was originally used as a phrase denoting a past life. They are a soul acquaintance which is connected with karma to fulfil with you. A twin flame, however, is classified as a mirror force that is complementary to you.

A meeting with a twin flame would at some time in your existence evoke a transformation which is spiritual. A soulmate encounter may or may not be the result of a spiritual transformation process.

Understanding Soul mates and Twin Flames

The best description of a twin flame is a feeling of home and comfortable environment. The realization of finding love and the peace and tranquillity this feeling brings throughout your whole being. There are a deep satisfaction and contentment in knowing the other person. A soulmate brings a completely different aspect which is a support for you in times of crisis but not a complete surrender of one’s inner feelings.

Even if you have not seen or talked to your twin flame for years, the bond and love between you is unbroken and will be reawakened when you make the next connection with that person. Sometimes you may have no conscious knowledge of your feelings but as soon as a connection is made the bond is refreshed and the relationship is renewed without any reference to the interruption.

If the same thing happens with a soulmate and there is a long period of no communication the feeling of love can easily drift away making it difficult or even impossible to rekindle any lost romantic emotions. A soulmate relationship is one of earthly fashion when communication is essential to keeping the bond of compatibility strong.

The definition between twin flames and soulmates lays in the higher purpose of discovery. The growth and evolution of one’s own consciousness related to the soulmate relationship and the assent ion of the entire planet together through a series of vibration connected to the consciousness of many in unison.

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The overall purpose of a soulmate relationship is to evolve and expand to its maximum potential, which can be through relatives, lovers or friends. Soulmates are more like acquaintances that enter our lives as though pre-expected or in some way fated. A romance between soulmates can occur but does not have to.

Twin Flames

The coming together of twin flames is achieved on something like an energy level with the aim of providing consciousness throughout the planet. It could take twin flames many lifetimes to reach their goal, so it may be possible that you meet your twin flame but are unable to reach an agreement on achieving your mission.

Both men and women are equally likely to feel the draw of meeting a twin flame or a soul mate, even if they do not believe in the concept. However, women naturally (but not all) are more sensitive to emotional connections than men, so it is usually more likely that women will be aware of the connection first. However, there are some men who are naturally more sensitive than others and even more so in some circumstances than women. For example, a Scorpio man is known to be very much in touch with his emotions being a water sign. Scorpio’s lead with their emotions and always look for the deeper meaning in life. As they are naturally very sensitive beings they are likely to feel a soul mate or a twin flame very quickly.

Similarly, Virgo men are also quite likely to become aware of a possible soul mate or twin flame connection due to their heightened cerebral capabilities. Virgo men are deep thinkers with a strong intellect. Even though a Virgo may be sceptical of such concepts, he will never the less be aware of a deeper connection existing between himself and the other person. This could be due to a possible greater degree of neural pathways crossing the two hemispheres of the brain in a Virgo man, which could account for his higher intelligence. You can find out more information about Virgo men, here

As fascinating as this topic is for many, it is important not to get too hung up on it. Many times, a person will try to only look for their soul mate or twin flame in order to form a romantic connection. However, this is not necessary as we do not need to find our soul mate or twin flame in order to have a happy and harmonious relationship, as I outlined previously. In fact, a twin flame connection can often times (but not always) be a tempestuous one as there are several great life lessons to learn from the other person, which may or may not be a favorable experience.

When it comes to love, one of the best things to do is to follow your heart. From here, one may then consider looking deeper into the natal charts of both individuals for guidance and insight to help one navigate a happy and healthy relationship. If a person also happens to be a soul mate or twin flame then that may or may not be an advantage to the relationship. However, the two of you will certainly learn a few things about yourself along the way and you may even have a spiritual awakening as a result.

My Blog On Relationship Astrology

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a crystal ballThank you for visiting my blog, I have a passion for astrology and will be bringing you all kinds of wonderful information on astrology and the effects it has on our relationships.

Everyday, people all over the world check their astrology readings and are concerned if they are on the right path in life and in their relationship. From my findings it seems that there is no ‘right’ path as we all have choices we can make in our life. I do not believe that our life is already mapped out for us with a pre-determined fate. Instead, I believe that we all have choice and we can make our own fate. However, understanding the astrology forecasts can greatly help to improve our chances of living a happy and fulfilled life.

It is important that we observe the movements of the cosmos to help us navigate the more tricks times, like those caused by the Mercury retrograde.

I am excited to be bringing you more news soon via the articles on my website. Please do come back and visit my Synastry blog for more updated information as my site progresses in it’s evolution and as I continue to grow in my experience and understanding.

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