Mercury Retrograde: What It Is And How It Can Affect Your Life And Business

planet mercuryThe Mercury retrograde refers to the periods of time when the planet Mercury passes Earth during its orbit around the Sun. It is a called retrograde because astrologers in ancient times noticed that Mercury seemed to move backward during the three or four times a year that it passes Earth.

Even though this is how it seems, in actual fact, Mercury doesn’t actually move backward, it’s only a trick of the eye.

When Mercury retrogrades, it stirs up turbulence in the Earth’s energy, much the way a speeding car may send up swirls of dust and debris in its wake. This disruption can send similar ripples of effects through our lives during this time.

Since Mercury influences communication, this ripple effect can cause problems with all forms of communication. This isn’t just limited to things like phone calls, mail, and the internet. It actually extends much further, to such things as reading, writing, speaking, and listening, shipping, transportation, and even travel. Mercury can also have an influence over agreements, documents, and contracts made between people. It is very important to pay attention to when Mercury is in retrograde when it comes to important business matters. When it comes to signing legal documents critical facts can easily be overlooked. In business transactions, it can also be likely that important phone calls are missed and communication that does get through can also be miss interpreted.

You may think this is all nonsense. If so, take a look at this article in the Huffington Post about things you absolutely should not be doing during the retrograde.

What does this mean for you?

So how can all this affect you? It means that during the weeks of the Mercury retrograde, you may end up experiencing a lot of difficulties and snafus in the communication-related areas of your life or business. Negotiations may go awry, sales may fall through, you may get a bad grade on term papers and tests, deliveries can go missing, your website may have coding problems, or even your flight could be delayed.

Reducing the risk

How can you minimize the effects of Mercury retrograde on your life? The best thing to do is to take care of big decisions, especially around communication-related issues. Wherever possible, try to have those really important business meetings or transactions well before the retrograde begins or table them until after it passes.

Don’t launch a new business or advertising campaign at these times. Instead, take a break from writing that book or beginning that new project, and plan any website maintenance or upgrades for after the retrograde period. You should also avoid entering into financial or business negotiations and contracts during this time, especially when it comes to legal documents. Moving house can also be problematic at this time, so try to make arrangements for after this hazardous time.

By taking care of any non-urgent communications needs outside of Mercury retrograde, you can avoid or minimize any complications that this planetary shift may cause. Don’t worry, it will soon pass and you will then be able to move on with your plans at full steam ahead and reap the rewards of success!

Here are more great tips on how to survive a Mercury retrograde in this article.

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