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a crystal ballThank you for visiting my blog, I have a passion for astrology and will be bringing you all kinds of wonderful information on astrology and the effects it has on our relationships.

Everyday, people all over the world check their astrology readings and are concerned if they are on the right path in life and in their relationship. From my findings it seems that there is no ‘right’ path as we all have choices we can make in our life. I do not believe that our life is already mapped out for us with a pre-determined fate. Instead, I believe that we all have choice and we can make our own fate. However, understanding the astrology forecasts can greatly help to improve our chances of living a happy and fulfilled life.

It is important that we observe the movements of the cosmos to help us navigate the more tricks times, like those caused by the Mercury retrograde.

I am excited to be bringing you more news soon via the articles on my website. Please do come back and visit my Synastry blog for more updated information as my site progresses in it’s evolution and as I continue to grow in my experience and understanding.

Wishing you blessings and peace,


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